Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq has been under the control of the IS militants since June 2014 and has been under severe military operation to sanitize the city since October 2016. The special forces of Iraq have finally declared the end of their mission of reclaiming and freeing Mosul from the claws of militants.

A special forces officer had promised three weeks earlier that they will dislodge militants from Mosul within 3 weeks and wow, what a perfect estimation of deadline! Three weeks from that promise, the special forces have finally declared that Mosul is free from the jaws and claws of terrorists. Although around eight kilometres of western Mosul including the Old City area which was one of the toughest battles for the military, still remains under the control of IS. There are a handful of battles ongoing in of western Mosul neighbourhoods that continue to force hundreds of civilians to flee each day.

The troops were assigned tasks to free specific area by the Iraqi government and they have completed their mission yet they stand ready to support if needed and ordered by the Prime Minister. The Battle of Mosul has been the Iraqi military’s largest deployment since US invasion in 2003. Mosul has seen dark days and it may have felt like the civilians had faced their own little apocalypse but they city has stood firm and strong during the time of peril and torment and now the city is ready to rise from wreck.

The Iraqi forces have been working on Mosul since October and are backed by US led coalition and have been declared to be ‘free’. However heavy fighting still looms between other Iraqi forces and the Islamic State group as IS clings to a dwindling portion of Iraq’s second largest city. The city now has hope for a new beginning, rebuilding and transitioning back to normal lives will be tough but that is definitely going to be worth it. Hail free Mosul.