The online rumour of the death of popular Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson is a total hoax and the beloved actor is alive and all well in good health. In fact, the internet hoax is a trippy trap to trick you into download a computer virus that can damage your device.

Keep safe from the latest internet scam – do not click on play button of the video or link (except ours! Don’t worry, we are not scammers) that is related to the rumour of Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean’s death. The fake news is currently spreading all over the internet and social media, claiming that Rowan died in a car crash while attempting a stunt. The bogus post makes it look like a feature story from Fox News and also includes a video with photograph of Rowan Atkinson along with the caption “R.I.P. 1955-2017”.

Once you click the play button on the video or on the links, it could be redirected to fake security error pages that claim your computer has been locked and ask you to ring a support number. And ringing the number can be a fatal mistake for your data as well as credit cards. If not redirection, the links can lead you to downloading software that will allow them to hijack your computer, install malicious files, and steal your data. So keep safe from these hoaxes and know that dear mister Bean aka Johnny English aka Rowan Atkinson is definitely not dead.