Some mysterious and peculiar radio signals from a nearby star, just 11-light years away from us, were received by astronomers of Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Are these strange signals a message from some other-worldly alien civilisation?

The red dwarf star named Ross 128 which is just 11 light years away and to be precise 104068038548315.20 KM away, which by the way, is ‘near’ in terms of space distance, has some interesting information. Astronomers at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico were studying the comparatively cool red star when they received strange radio signals consisting of broadband quasi-periodic non-polarized pulses with very strong dispersion-like features – in short, unusual signals. And they weren’t earthly ‘Radio Frequency Interfaces’ because they were unique to Ross 128 and other stars, not even the immediate previous or immediate next stars; they were coming right from the star.

Knowing about this, the usual internet-gaga behaviour outburst about ‘signals from aliens’ and ‘other world found’ started down-pouring all across the internet. It has gripped the internet world so much that it persisted despite best attempts from the astronomers to put these rumours at rest. Yes, they have not found any ‘alien life’ and if you are here with such expectations, let’s all be very clear about what actually the signals are. And no, ET or Jaadu are not calling.

As per the astronomers, there are three possible explanations for the ‘strange’ radio signals: One, they are solar flares of Ross 128 which occurs when magnetic energy builds up in solar atmosphere and it releases sudden, rapid and intense variations flares, like those little burst seen on the surface of Sun. Number two – they could be sourced from other celestial object in the field view of Ross 128 (sorry, no alien life possibilities in this case too). Third – they could be a burst from a high orbit satellite of Ross 128 (because, baddi baddi galaxies me aise chote chote bursts hote rehte hai mere dost).

Or, there could be other reasons like some dark matter radiating the non-polarized signals or even those may be because the dwarf star might be exhausting, after all even stars die. The reason and source of these strange signals is not clear, but one thing is as clear as a white diamond crystal – the strange signals are surely not from any alien civilisation. So we haven’t discovered an extra-terrestrial living world, not yet. But let’s not lose hope, I am a believer too, because as per very-very rough estimates, there are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars (just humanly calculation for ‘observable’ universe, which is totally an absolute underestimation of numbers) and there has to be other worlds, there could be countless number of other worlds, and the chances are infinite, just like the universe. We just have to look for them.

Note: This is an artistic image by S. Wiessinger of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and is for representative purpose only.