New Delhi: Government is all set to clean Ganga from as deep as possible and so there will be Ganga Volunteer Force who will be monitoring its cleanliness. The main aim of team will be pollution and desecration of Ganga.

The government is planning to team-up the retired IPS Officer, Army Personnel, Paramilitary forces and state police to patrol the Ganga, which is spread in five states covering 2,525 km.

UP, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal are the five main stem of Ganga that will be treated to prevent wanton pollution and desecration.

“The justice (retired) Girdhar Malviya committee has suggested setting up such a force under the central government and made provisions for its recruitment, tenure, powers and composition in the proposed draft law on Ganga. The government is favourably inclined to set up the force,” said a senior official of the Union water resources ministry.

“We will soon start the process of consulting the states for setting up this force which will draw its functional powers from the proposed law on the river Ganga,” he added further.

Justice (retired) Malviya had submitted the proposed draft law, National River Ganga (Rejuvenation, Protection and Management) Bill, 2017, to the Union water resources and Ganga rejuvenation minister Uma Bharti on Wednesday.

The draft legislation fixes a five-year term for individuals from the constraint which will be going in a locale or gathering of coterminous regions (zone along the waterway) by a serving magistrate-level officers at zonal directorate. The magistrate-level officer will be on deputation to the GVF from the individual states.

As indicated by the proposition, each zonal directorate will be appointed a group of the compel with an adequate number as esteemed fit by the National River Ganga Basin Management Corporation another proposed body with its head office in Delhi which will be the caretaker of the waterway Ganga for its “protection, management and rejuvenation”.

Once the corporation is set up, the current National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) will be disintegrated. At present, the NMCG is the key executing organisation of the whole Ganga rejuvenation program of the Center under ‘Namami Gange’.

The corporation will be going by a director general of the rank of extra secretary and above. The DG, having residency of five years, will be selected by the central government under the new proposed design.