Scientists may have found a solution to the global problem of scarcity of drinking water – a practically implementable method to separate salt particles from saline seawater!

The great blue planet we live on is majorly covered with water, I mean 71% of the total surface area of Earth is covered under water – yet we face drinking water problem. Fresh sweet water scarce and thanks to our lovely industries that it is now getting polluted day by day. This problem could be solved if we manage to find a way to make ocean’s salty saline water – drinkable. Although many methods have been found over years, but most of them are either too expensive to be implemented on large scale, or too impractical. But scientists at US have recently developed a new desalination technology that relies on carbon nanotubes which can separate salt particles from water.

The nanotubes used in this method are more than 50,000 times smaller than human hair and a mesh of pores in this tube is capable of separating salt from saline sea water. Called as Carbon Nanotubes (CNTS), they have a diameter of 0.8 nanometres and are made of uniquely arranged carbon atoms. The ultra-thin and ultra-smooth surface of the nanotubes makes the flow of water particles much easier, while isolating salt particles from sea water at the same time. If this finding can be implemented in real life, it can be a breakthrough which can pave paths to new seawater management and purification technology.

From a population of 7.5 billion on Earth, around 4 billion people across the world are suffering from shortage of fresh, clean drinking water and the problem aggravates because of disturbed climatic patterns, uneven distribution of rainfall, global warming, low ground water levels and increasing water pollution. The ability to desalinate water more efficiently is seen as key to tackling an impending global water crisis as pressure on freshwater resources grows and climate change impacts the availability of water resources. Nanotubes could be our life saver; it can save lives of 7.5 billion people! Sweet mother of all that is good and pure! Live long tiny little nanotubes and make us live longer.