NASA’s robotic spacecraft Osiris-Rex just reached to ancient asteroid Bennu after chasing around a couple of years in space, and has become the very first visitor of this diamond-shaped ancient asteroid in billions of years.

The ancient cosmic body asteroid is estimated to be just 1600 feet and NASA spaceship Osiris-Rex pulled within 12 miles, which is around 19 kilometres of this diamond-shaped Bennu rock. After getting the confirmation of Osiris-Rex spacecraft made it to Bennu, the whole team of flight controllers cheered and applauded with joy. The even happened exactly one week after NASA landed a spacecraft on Mars. One of the lead scientists working in this project tweeted about their achievement:

It took seven minutes to arrive the information from the asteroid to the flight controllers at Lockheed Martin in Littleton, Colorado. Bennu is currently 122 million kilometers away from Earth. The scientists will release more information about Bennu, once they get it, far away around 122 million kilometers.

Osiris is likely to go around the orbit of Bennu on December 31 and will attempt to go even closer in upcoming days. It is the first attempt of the US to gather some asteroid sample and bring it to Earth. Osiris-Rex is likely to collect at least 60 grams of dust and gravel from the asteroid and this will be the first attempt to gather asteroid samples, after Japan. This is considered to be a major space achievement and will answer many mysteries will be unveiled.