The All-India Motor Transport Congress that claims 9.3 million members has called for a nationwide indefinite truck strike from today to protest for the removal of high toll taxes on national highways and reduction of fuel price.

Millions of truckers and lorry service providers across India have turned off their engines, participating in the nationwide truck strike for indefinite time to push a number of demands to be fulfilled by the government. The truck strike has been called by the All-India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) starting from today morning (Friday), after they met with Union ministers Nitin Gadkari and Piyush Goyal but the meeting ended inconclusively. The AIMTC claims to have 9.3 million members and all of the trucks, trailers and other heavy goods vehicles are put off-roads from today morning for an indefinite time period.

The key demands of truckers includes removal or reduction of high toll taxes levied at toll plazas on national highways across India, as well as lowering the diesel prices and adapting to a uniform national pricing with quarterly revision. Furthermore the AIMTC wants the government to imply transparency and reduction in third party insurance premium for heavy good carriages. They are also demanding the government to address the E-Way Bill operational issues, abolish direct port delivery scheme and streamline port congestion. Protesting for all the demands to be commenced by the government, millions of trucks and heavy goods carrying vehicles have gone off-road.

However, the transporters of basic goods like milk, vegetables, bread, fruits and other essential commodities are exempted from the nationwide truck strike. On the other hand, the strike might affect school buses as the ones run by private contractors will participate in the strike in a bid to reduce the hefty prices of diesel. The AIMTC says that the strike will only be resumed when the government will assure to commence actions to meet all of their demands.