People of the gamer realm, I gladly introduce to you the all new Need for Speed Payback! Yes, NFS is back and it is faster, fiercer and more furious this time. In fact, it looks like the perfect amalgamation or rather the hybrid of classic racing-game GTA and the classic racing-movie ‘Fast and Furious’.

It is definitely time for the sole racing franchise that the old-school gamers still care about; with that, EA and Ghost game introduces the much needed ‘Need for Speed Payback’ trailer declaring the launch date of new NFS on November 10, 2017. The Need for Speed Payback is the next entry in the long-running racing franchise with ‘action driven fantasy’ storyline, superfast cars, giddy stunts and a hope to reignite the slugged interest. It does look like the past NFS games with fancy-glitzy high-end cars and police chases and the first trailer gives that good-known NFS vibe with intense heist missions, car racing battles, the signature cop pursuits and a jaw-dropping set.

The game but-naturally looks like a mix of GTA and Fast & Furious because it is by all means and by all its nerves a very-racing game, hence GTA; and the style and storyline of one of the highest grossing franchises ever in the racing movie history – the Fast and Furious. So if it is just like its predecessors, why is everyone so excited about it? Well, Payback promises the kind of car ‘fetishizing’ (yes!) that previous NFSs have provided but it will also add up a more significant story element, a blockbusting plot which is apparently fuelled up to heat by a gripping story of betrayal and revenge.

Payback will let you to drive as either of the three characters – Tyler the racer, Mac the showman, or Jess the wheelman. These three will team up to revenge ‘The House’ a cartel that runs the criminal underworld of the fictional city of Fortune Valley. And it is whole a betrayal-revenge thing. So there what colour do I paint you after watching the Need for Speed Payback trailer – hot, cold or indifferent?