There’s a new plan from Donald Trump and his right-hands to win the war at Afghanistan and that is by winning the war at Afghanistan – a typical Trump style muscle-growling speech with little to grab of. But yes, there’s a new plan.

Since 15 years, troops of the United States of America have been fighting to protect their country’s interest and safety by entangling themselves deep in the combat on one odd and chronically truculent piece of earth – Afghanistan; with no clear benefit. On Monday, Donald Trump broadcast his plans of advancement in Afghanistan; the speech begun with a ritual of chiding previous administrative strategies and then soon an indication that military muscle in Afghanistan might be strengthened. Which means America will be spending another big piece of its military, monetary and mineral treasures on Afghanistan, in coming days.

While this may be relieving to Afghan officials who gladly welcomed Trump’s war efforts and back support in fighting their war, adding more military will imply more killings. And sadly, they won’t just be killing the terrorists, they will be killing those mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, children of all ages who could be the poor souls going to market on their goat-carts. The ones who will be ‘spared off’ this will surely be mad at people who incarnated the act of killing their loved ones, but please don’t mind those armies, they are your friends and are here just to block the terrorists, so please don’t mind the hellfire and go on with your daily lives.

Trump was also secretive about revealing America’s exact plans on what they will do in Afghanistan because ‘we don’t want the enemies to find out’, but he said that there will be action. The approach seems to be too militarized and honestly, what is new about this? An unclear plan and no light on when all this will end – way to deliver plans. Scholars may say that there is no good option; but logically, arming up hasn’t helped in past 15 years, nor does it seem to work in future – so why not try to lay out a peace path with Taliban and clear off the muddied waters which seem to have no other solution? There may not be a good choice to ending this bloodied war, but we don’t have to make bad ones, over and over again.