After the bigger denominations are dug and dusted, it is now the turn of Rs 10 notes to be revamped as the RBI is expected to issue new Rs 10 notes soon, and they are said to be ‘chocolate brown’ coloured. Canny!

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is purging older currency notes since November 2016, and after the bigger valued Indian currency notes, it is now time to focus on the lower denominations. As per latest reports, the RBI will issue a new set of Rs 10 notes under the Mahatma Gandhi series with chocolate brown colour as the base. News18 claims that even 1 billion pieces of Rs 10 notes have already been printed by the mints of RBI and will be injected in the market soon. The design was approved by the government only last week and the launch date has not been announced yet, but it may be introduced this month.

The current Rs 10 note was last redesigned in 2005 and it has remained the same since then. Now that all other higher-valued notes are modified and redesigned under Mahatma Gandhi series, it is quite reasonably Rs 10 notes’ turn. The new design, as per reports, is said to have ‘chocolate brown’ as base colour and will bear a picture of Konark Sun Temple. Let’s see – we already have pink, blue, orange and now brown – not just any brown though, it is chocolate brown. I expected it to be a rainbow, but chocolate brown seems good. Appetizing!

While on one hand, the government is trying to push cashless, cash-free economy, they are working up their mint to high speeds and spend millions over printing new cash exchanges. Maybe the government is trying to counterfeit terror funding by swiping out Rs 10 notes. Or maybe we just needed some more colours in our wallets because the existing ones weren’t just enough.