While we wonder what the colour of the Taj Mahal is currently, the Union Ministry for Culture and Environment has announced that all protected monuments under Archaeological Survey of India will have new Citizens’ Advisory Boards that will involve common people in maintenance of heritage and help in bringing more suggestions and ideas to save heritage monuments of India.

The changing colour of the iconic wonder of world in India – the Taj Mahal is bugging the Centre as well as the Supreme Court, and is working heads over toes to resolve the state of the Taj, without taking any further chances. However, it is no more just about Taj Mahal, as the Centre is pushing more care for all important heritage monuments in India. On Sunday (June 3), Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma announced that all important Archaeological Survey of India-protected monuments will now have citizens’ advisory boards that will involve common citizens in taking care of the monuments.

Under this scheme, all protected monuments including the Taj Mahal will have 11-member advisory boards comprising eminent people, media persons, social workers and activists. The board will be called Citizens’ advisory board and it will not only involve common people in maintenance and care of the heritage sites, but will also help the administration to harvest new ideas and potential suggestions to save these invaluable heritage sites. Sharma announced that being an important heritage country, conservation and preservation of the rich heritage will remain a priority.

To gain even more ideas, the union ministry has taken suggestions given by business leaders, hoteliers, politicians, NGO representatives, and conservationists for resolving the problem of Taj Mahal discolouration and other monuments too. A detailed report will be compiled using all these suggestions and an action plan with three-month, six-month deadlines will be drawn up. Besides this, a special probe has been set to look into the causes of damage to monuments and find solutions for them. A campaign to clean up Taj Mahal and the Yamuna River has also been started and controlling pollution will also be taken account of – to save the rich heritage from getting irreversibly damaged.