A new edition of Indian currency worth Rs 50 is all ready to circulate in the country in its new ‘fluorescent’ azure blue avatar – the colour which will make you look at it even if you don’t want to, you know? Oh and just to be clear, the good old pinkish Rs 50 notes will continue to be valid.

It is official now – the Reserved Bank of India (RBI) will soon be launching the new Rs 50 currency notes under that familiar Mahatma Gandhi series-2005, but the colour – I tell you, it will make your eyes bleed blue (if that is even a thing). During November 2016 demonetisation, RBI had revealed its plans to introduce new editions Rs 20 and 50 notes, while continuing the legal tender of current currency notes of same values. And here they are – the currency notes worth Rs 50 with fluorescent blue as its base colour, the classic Gandhi portrait in front, an iconic picture of the iconic stone chariot at Hampi, Karnataka on the back and the signature of Dr Urjit R Patel, Governor, Reserve Bank of India; the colour though.

With the dimensions of 66 mm x 135 mm, the new note pretty much looks a tiny, much blue-turquoise-azure version of the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes. Besides the motif of Hampi, another new feature in this currency note is the Swachh Bharat logo and slogan on the backside (and the colour!). Also, as per RBI, the design and security features of the new notes will be similar to the old tender, which will continue in circulation. The images of new currency were circulated on social media and later an official statement was given regarding its launch.


The only hitch about this is that existence of two types of banknotes of same denomination will be a challenge for dispensing them through ATMs; it can’t mix up both pinks and blues together, how does it separate those notes anyway? It will be complicated but it will not be such a big problem as most of the ATMs have almost stopped or dramatically reduced dispensing Rs 50 notes. And the ATMs will have separate cassettes for old and new Rs 50 notes so that they won’t be all mixed up during cash withdrawals and get the machine confused.

There is one more hitch – despite clear announcement that the old Rs 50 notes will continue to be valid, some dear citizens of India might still not accept the old notes and it is almost like a chain reaction; remember the Rs 10 coins unacceptance? Yeah, not that is a problem. And we were expecting Rs 200 notes earlier too – which as per RBI spokesperson, will be released soon, and Rs 50 notes will also be released soon. Keeping in mind, RBI’s fondness of colours, any guesses for the colour of Rs 200 notes after this very-eye-catchy coloured sea-blue currency?