You know New Zealand right? The Land of Long White Cloud? The Lord of Rings set? Kiwis? Yeah. It has disappeared. Well, it does appear but it has disappeared from many world maps. This might sound silly but New Zealand is left off a lot of world maps and it keeps repeating. The problem is real and the Kiwis have a cheeky solution – the forgotten country’s Prime Minister herself came up with a cheeky advertisement to “get New Zealand back on the map.”

To clear off, this is not a joke. New Zealand is left off a lot of world maps and if you don’t believe it – check out this BBC article, or this website or this Reddit thread. This is a big problem and the Kiwis are so tired of being left out from world maps that they have come up with a plan – to “get New Zealand on the map” again. How? With a cheeky new tourism campaign advertisement featuring New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the country’s very popular comic Rhys Darby. With the tongue-in-cheek advertisement, the duo cheekily conveys a message – “Stop leaving us off the map”.

The video was launched by Tourism New Zealand featuring Ardren and Rhys and it has actually gained a lot of international attention. In the funny advertisement, Rhys Darby cheekily calls this a “conspiracy” for being left off world maps all over the world. The video actually shows that the country has been left off maps, including at The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Starbucks, IKEA, Central Park Zoo, in-flight magazines and Getty stock images. And to make it more interesting, Darby comes up with a number of conspiracy theories to explain the country’s exclusion – like Australia trying to “steal” their tourists, England of “trying to get rid of the All Blacks once and for all” and France of being threatened by New Zealand’s global wine industry. Here it is, watch:

They even have a #getnzonthemap campaign going on, on social media to gain attention of tourists and encourage more people to come visit “The Land of Long White Cloud”. The campaign is actually got the attention of international media (See! I have written it too!); and will help out people know the country even if it is not on the map. But unpopularity has never been a problem for New Zealand because despite being one of the most isolated countries of world and being one of the least populated countries, it has long been a top pick on many travellers’ bucket lists. NZ has been a popular pick, especially after being the beautiful set of “The Lord of the Rings” movie series. However, we might as well say, stop leaving New Zealand off the map.