American rapper Nicki Minaj has been sending money to a village in India since two years for clean water, computer centre, a tailoring institute and a reading program. Known for her giving nature, has also recently made a promise to pay the tuition bills of some hardworking students.

The Anaconda artist has been sending funds to develop basic amenities in an Indian village since a couple of years now via her pastor Lydia Sloley. Minaj posted video and photos from an unnamed village and wrote that her donations have provided the village with “a Computer Center, a Tailoring Institute, a Reading Program and 2 WATER WELLS.”

In addition to that, the video attached with the two posts pictured a man thanking Pastor Sloley for the funding she provided (with Minaj’s help) to build the water well. The generous star also revealed she has been ponying up to allow women there to both worship and acquire new skills. Although the name of the village was not disclosed and nobody knew for two years about her donations!

Minaj recently announced her plans to launch a charity to help the students who are struggling with their tuition fees. She had also recently offered to pay tuition fees to a few of her Twitter followers. It is good to see that the ‘fortunate’ are helping the not very fortunate and it is a very generous deed from the American rapper.