The first full-time women defence minister of India, and second to be appointed for the post after Indira Gandhi – Nirmala Sitharaman, has officially taken the charge of her duties to defy the nation – a job with bumpy terrains ahead.

When your job description is taking care of the security sovereignty and defence of a 3.2 million sq. km area of land which is home to 1.4 million people – well, do I need to explain the amount of pressure and responsibilities? To make it super special, India faces a critical juncture as it is in omni-tensed situation with Pakistan, recent border skirmish with China and globally raising nuke tension. A newly inducted Defence Minister will have to control the bumpy job right away, but what makes Nirmala Sitharaman suitable for the job is the fact that she is no stranger to international affairs.

As former Commerce Minister, Sitharaman knows to secure negotiating with the global community in interest of the nation and its security. The lady is also known to be a quick learner and someone who is focused on results rather than nonsense. The 55-year-old minister took the charge as Defence Minister today, in presence of her predecessor – Arun Jaitley. Despite all the experience, the challenges as defence minister are so important that they have the potential of destabilizing entire nation and the government – so it must never be handled lightly or astutely.

During Sitharaman’s first speech, she claimed that preparedness would be her prime focus and she will push the efficiency of defence forces of India. She said,”My priority will definitely be the preparedness of the armed forces. It is important that the armed forces receive all the attention in terms of getting necessary endowment and equipment to perform their duties with the best of equipment available.”. The new defence minister also said that the armed forces and its efficiency will be boosted while keeping ‘Make in India’ as its prime focus.