Nissan, one of the acclaimed automakers hopes that the Victorian era can be used to solve modern problem of the temptation to use mobile phones while on the move. Nissan have built a prototype compartment within the armrest of Nissan Juke which is lined with a Faraday cage to block the phone signals.

Going back in time to the 1830s for the safety concerns of customers, that is one hell of thoughtfulness from Nissan. Despite tough police crackdowns and driving rules, people are tempted to ‘illegally’ call and even text and check out social media notifications while driving which increases the probability of crashing into a deadly accident by 4 times! In order to overcome this ‘deadly temptation’, Nissan has created a box which blocks the electromagnetic signals received by phone including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular signals.

Once the cell-phone is placed inside the box and the lid is closed, the Nissan Signal Shield creates a ‘silent zone’ blocking all the distractive notifications and calls. So basically they literally want to ‘kill’ the alerts and notifications just to save the drivers from any digital aberration. And what makes this interesting is the fact that the technique used to build the Signal Shield dates centuries back. It is simply a cage build of continuous covering of conducting material like a metallic wire mesh which will block any electromagnetic signal. And this technique is compellingly called ‘digital detox’ by Nissan.

The Nissan Signal Shield will give optional connectivity by giving the users a choice between being able to contact and being contacted while on road or create a ‘phone-free’ time on wheels. Oh and this doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up listening to music and head out on a monotonous ride! If the drivers want to listen to music, they can connect the phone to car’s entertainment system via USB or AUX ports.

Restoring all the wireless connections is as easy as opening the armrest which can be done without taking eyes off the road or touching the phone itself and the phone can reconnect with the mobile network and the car’s Bluetooth system. This signal blocker cage will be available in Nissan’s small crossover Juke and is likely to be streamlined in all Nissan models later.

So can you resist the appeal of those enticing social media notifications while driving or do you need the digital detox to save you from fatal hits?