So we thought brain games can actually make you smarter but it’s time to think about it again. Researchers at Florida State University have found that there were no evidences that such games increased the overall cognitive abilities of anyone.

Brain is one important organ and do I even need to explain why? In this modern ‘competitive’ world, everyone craves for being ‘brainy’ and people resort on various methods to become more ‘brainy’, more intellectual; one of the ways is playing brain games or tricks to build and enhance intellectual skills. But have you ever wondered if it really works? No? Researches have and the results proved brain games ‘vague’ and ‘futile’ in terms of brain development.

A research study was conducted by Florida State University; The professors of psychology, Neil Charness, Wally Boot and Dustin Souders said, “Our findings and previous studies confirm there’s very little evidence that these types of games can improve your life in a meaningful way”. There are many types of brain games of which simple and common ones include Sudoku, puzzles, crosswords, chess, etc. But do they even work?

During research, the researchers tested various games on multiple volunteers to see if these games enhance the players’ working memory and mental abilities, reasoning, memory and processing speed. All these are a part of our daily activities, so ultimately what is a simple logical question is, does playing and being really good at ‘Crossword’ help you remember where your keys are? Did you say ‘no’? Did you say ‘yes’ to ‘no’? (Well these ‘did you’ questions could go on for a while!) So what’s the point of playing the brain games for brain development after all.

Since it is pretty much official by now that brain games do not help in brain development, so what might help? Researchers suggested that people should get some aerobic exercises rather than sitting at one place or in front of a computer to play some brain game or solve a puzzle. It is infamous truth that physical activity and exercise often create helpful structural changes which actually promote brain development and functioning. Also, a combination of brain games and exercises could possibly be the perfect blend for better brains.

Regardless of the result, please do not stop playing or abandon brainy games or puzzles because they are fun (for some people) and with a moto of just having fun rather than focusing on intellectual benefits, these games are pretty cool (again, for some people). So don’t get discouraged and complete that Sudoku in the newspaper just for fun.