A lone attacker detonated a homemade bomb near the US Embassy in Beijing, China on Thursday at 1 PM local time, however, there has been no reports of fatalities or major injuries after the US Embassy blast, other than that to the bomber.

There was an explosion today afternoon in the compound of the US Embassy in Beijing, in the diplomatic area where Indian as well as Israeli embassies are located. Soon after the blast, the US Embassy released a statement that “There was an explosion at approximately 1 p.m. today in the public space off the South East corner of the Embassy compound”. Furthermore, the Embassy’s Regional Security Officer confirmed that, “Other than the bomber, there were no injuries or fatalities.”

The Chinese police soon identified the bomber to be a 26-year-old local man from Inner Mongolia region with surname Jiang. The police describes the weapon used to be merely a “firework device” and the blast injured nobody but the bomber, who has been taken in custody and is currently undergoing treatment in hospital. Further investigations will be made into the case, considering the diplomatic sensitivity of the matter, however, police do no suspect any motive behind the blast, as of now.

There was no damage caused to the US Embassy building or property and the zone has been safeguarded. Precautionary measures are being taken in the Chinese capital with tight security, especially in the region of the blast. The Indian, South Korean and Israeli Embassies have reported that they were unaware of the US Embassy blast and officials are working as normal.