So to keep you safe while you drive your two wheelers, the employees at fuel stations will not allow anyone to refill their vehicles if you go there without that shelly protective head gear – the helmet. Don’t be alarmed if the fuel guy says ‘No helmet, no petro’ or ‘No rule, no fuel’ the next time you visit a fuel station without helmet.

In the pious endeavour to ensure road safety and discourage bike riding without helmets, somebody came up with a unique idea to oblige people to wear helmet. So while the government was thinking about what can be done to encourage the usage of helmets, somebody raised a voice and were like, hey, let’s stop refilling the fuel tanks of drivers who arrive at fuel stations without helmets. Oh and by the way, the rule is still just in Lucknow for now, so pardon me if I freaked you out (it was fun).

And without further ado, the abrupt idea was quickly adopted by the police department and district administration of Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow. This dictum rule was implemented from Monday at few places in Lucknow like Indiranagar, Gomtinagar, IT crossing, Badshahnagar, Hazratganj, Charbagh, Ashok Marg, Cantonment, Daliganj and Koneshwar areas. To ensure the implementation of the idea, according to reports, a senior police official had helped set up a meeting with pump owners. And they are also charging a fine of Rs 200 when anyone is caught without helmet. Diktat.

The drive is planned to go on for a week after which the police will start issuing challans. Although the usage of helmet is very mandatory for safe journey and every single person must wear helmets, but this step may be a problem considering the already existing unending queues and chaos at fuel stations. And what about people with claustrophobia? But we all should wear helmets while driving. So how long do you think will this drive last? Will it be successful? Or it will end up as some fling that was on and then gone?