Known for frequent foreign trips, PM Narendra Modi is steering clear of any more trips abroad as he will dedicate all the first four months 2019 in the name of general elections 2019 campaigning – and the goal will be to cover up 20 states within 100 days before the election.

According to the PMO website, PM Modi has tallied a total of 48 foreign visits since taking over the office in June 2014 – from the US to Russia, Israel to Saudi Arabia, Myanmar to Qatar, and Bangladesh to Europe. However, standing at the brink of the end of five-year-old tenure as the Prime Minister of India with just four months on hand, the lead campaigner of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has decided to stay in country for few months. The latest foreign trip was to Japan for the ASEAN summit in October and for the G20 summit in November. Besides those trips, there weren’t any major foreign visits in the end of 2019.

The PMO officials have confirmed that here are no major multilateral events planned with PM’s presence in the upcoming months. Rather, being the face of  BJP, he must stay in the country for the electoral campaigning, especially to revive the unexpected defeat in the major three states – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. To target the weaker and non-supportive regions, PM Modi has planned out a 20-state run within 100 days. During this, the campaigns will focus more on improving and addressing the locals to solve their problems – as losing the heartland states proved expensive to the party and it may reflect the result of the upcoming general elections.