After the success of Animal Rights Campaign, the government has decided to ban the illegal dealing of pets over online platforms like Quikr and Indiamart. The animal rights activists protested a lot, and after protesting for almost three months via an online petition and in other ways, their protest turned out to be successful and they had the triumph, for the pets.

The sale has been banned under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Pet Shop) Rules, 2018, which is a part of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. These laws completely ban the illegal buying-selling of live animals and pets. However, you can set up a pet shop under some conditions. You need to register with the State Animal Welfare Board, and after the successful registration, the board ensures the comfortable and appropriate infrastructure of your pet shop and good veterinary care and some other factors.

Only after the registration and ensuring the comfort of the pets, you can setup your pet shop. Except for these registered shop, live pets selling and buying is totally banned. The recent Gazette Notification defines the pet shop, which says, “online platforms over which the sale and purchase of pet animals is carried out wherever the context permits”. Other things included under a “pet shop” are “a shop, place or premises, including any shop, place or premises in a weekly or other market, where pet animals are sold or housed, kept or exhibited for sale, or where any retail or wholesale business involving the selling or trading of pet animals are carried out.”

After this notification, the animal rights activists believe that this is the right step to the pet care. The unregulated sales of pets will be under the legislation, they said. After the triumph of animal rights activists, both the online selling platforms, Quikr and Indiamart has agreed to stop the selling of pets online and started the right actions towards it.