Whatsapp has officially launched their ‘Pinned Chat’ feature for all Android users to make the app easier and even more convenient for people so that they can keep their important and favourite chats on top and easily acceptable.

Do you dislike scrolling till like infinity to find your favourite or important chat? Well, you could have simply searched it, you goon! But well, Mr Zuckerberg has come up with an idea to solve this problem too as Whatsapp has come with a new update which consists of the Pinned Chat feature. So basically, you can now pin up upto three conversations and these chats will appear on the top of your chats list regardless of how long ago it was last active. These chats will be ever-present on top of the Chat tab, unless of course you suddenly decide to demote the chat and remove it.

To pin any chat, simply tap and hold the chat and then tap the pin icon which will appear on top bar of the app and you’re good to go. Oh but before that, you have to get the latest update, but-naturally. This new feature will prove to be very handy if your Whatsapp is junked with random messages and you just cannot find that important message. And just in case, if suddenly (or eventually) the important chat becomes unimportant, you can easily unpin it by press-holding the pinned chat and you’ll see the unpin option at the same good-old place where the pin button showed up, tap, done.

You can also pin group chats if at all they are very important to you and you want the chat to be on top, above all. This feature was spotted and tested in the beta version of Android and is finally available for all, but not yet if you are an iOS user. So go ahead and pin up!