After rounds of peace talks and agreements to stop cross ceasefires at the LoC and IB on India-Pakistan border, the Pakistan Army expressed on Monday that they do not desire war with India and there is no space for war between two nuclear powers.

Wars have a sordid face, and a nastier end – it is by no means, a solution to any problem; especially not when it is about two countries – both nuke-ready. That pretty much briefs out the situation between classic rivals of all time – India and Pakistan. While it is true that both countries simply cannot not nudge each other with unacceptable ceasefire at borders and killing each other’s men for nothing – the warmth of peace seems to have taken over the dead-cold of Ladakh’s Line of Control. Recently, General Majors of Indian and Pakistani Army had met and decided to re-implement the 2003 Ceasefire Pact to prevail peace at LoC and International Border between both countries.

Furthermore, the Pakistan army on Monday said that there was no space for any war with India as both are nuclear powers and that it does not have any desire to war with India. “War happens when diplomacy fails”, and in 21st century, the war can cost devastation of possibly, the entire world eventually – thanks to nuclear bombs that the world is sitting on. However, Pakitani Major General Asif Ghafoor, the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) added that the country’s desire for peace should not be mistaken for weakness of the nation.

As for India and Pakistan, there certainly is no room for war because it will turn out to be a chain reaction that will ripple through the globe – destroying us all. Here’s the scenario – if war happens between India and Pakistan, both countries are nuclear powers to begin with. Then, China would most certainly jump in the fight, making it tough for India – which is when India will seek support from allies like Russia or the US. Depending on whom India picks, the other one will naturally fall out against India – dragging in other ally nations. See what it could lead to? World War III. Only that unlike previous two this time, it would be all nuked up. All that, or peace – the choice is ours.