It has happened, the much looked up on historic US-North Korea Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un has finally happened and wrapped up successfully at Singapore. The outcome, which according to POTUS is a much safer world with North Korea to be no longer a nuclear threat – but it is the agreements signed at the summit that makes one say that the rhetoric DPRK leader has out-manoeuvred his American counterpart.

You can call it a success if that makes you happy – preparations and schedules were respected, the media was given enough chances to take historic pictures of Trump and Kim together, shaking hands and talking amid 12 intermingled American and North Korean flags – and Kim posing for foreign media – a rare event. Looking deeper into it too, makes the US-North Korea Summit in Singapore on June 12, to be a success. Everyone was smiling, in-depth discussions took place between cabinet members, there were no security breaches, thanks to ironclad preparations by their Singaporean hosts – and above all, nobody went off the script.

But one cannot deny, it was North Korea’s day and it was Kim Jong Un, the 34-year-old mad missile man who outperformed Trump, the American President twice his age. The entire idea of the summit was well thought by DPRK masterminds – because they are well aware of “what happened to Qaddafi and he knows what happened to Saddam Hussein when they gave up their Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Basically, they lost their lives and families and their regimes perished. That is why the Sentosa Joint Statement makes no mention of lifting sanctions and contains nothing of significance regarding denuclearization beyond Kim’s “reaffirmation” of his commitment to the “denuclearization of the Korean peninsula”.

So Kim just promised denuclearization of not just his country, but the entire Korean peninsula – which is a standard North Korean statement that they have been repeating since a decade; but moreover, it is a polite Korean way of saying, “Yankee, go home”. On the American side, they have secretly understood that the Democratic Republic of Korea cannot be “bought off” because the Kims have remained steadfast in their commitment to the twin principles on which they have built their harsh regime: “juche” (self-reliance) and “songun” (military front: fourth largest standing army in the world, just behind India, for a country with a population less than our Delhi-NCR). So regardless of what is being said about “North Korea being no longer a threat”, while Trump has just “committed” himself “to providing security guarantees” to Kim’s Korea while Kim only “reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula” – giving up nothing at all. That is quite an achievement. All he now needs now is a less hilarious hair-cut.