As shocking as it may sound, North Korea has actually opened up for conducting denuclearization talks and develop peace in the Korean peninsula in exchange with security guarantee from the United States. If all this is true, it can be a fresh milestone for developing peace for the entire world – but what actually do we hope from this peaceful approach from DPRK?

The Winter Olympics in South Korea has sent out chills even to the rogue state of North Korea, so much, that even the nuclear arsenal seems to have cooled down. North Korea’s rare presence in the Olympics Games, envoys to neighbouring rival state of South Korea and a recently held two-day summit by South Koreans in the secretive DPRK kingdom – it is all but a huge surprise. In the latest chapter, peace efforts were discussed by officials of both the nations. Here’s the part, Southern delegation Chung Eui-yong mentioned that the reclusive regime of DPRK has expressed openness to “denuclearise the Korean peninsula”.

If true, the peaceful willingness from North Korean end will become a fresh new milestone in the global quest of easing out nuclear tension. So North Korea talks about its intention to denuclearise only if military threats to the nation is completely eliminated and security is guaranteed (from the US, certainly). But, before we get too excited about the fresh positive energy radiating from unlikely source like DPRK, we must understand that the olive branch from the rogue state may just be another ploy to gain concessions on international level.

These comments and the willingness, especially amid escalating tension between Kim and Trump is gaining attention and might even get international support, but it can hardly be expected to prove to be a ‘breakthrough’. If past experiences and current situations are anything to go by, the openness is more of a try to extract looseness of sanctions implemented on the rogue nation. Currently, the North Korean economy is continuously degrading by being weighed down with heavy sanctions from most countries of the world – if not all. So the olive branch is more of a well-worn go-to resort from the playbook of international politics. If not that, there can’t be better news for the world (the US).