And DPRK will sing now. The nuclear tests, those missiles, those military armour development – they are all set aside and off the headlines and North Korea is creating rather euphonic headlines now. The latest one here is that a 140-member North Korean orchestra might give a ‘rare’ state performance in the Winter Olympics event next month in South Korea!

Lately, the Korean peninsula seems to be in ‘goofed-up’ friendly mood as North Korea and South Korea are making significant developments in a bid to calm the border tension and nuclear rhetoric that almost got the world nuked. Leaders of both until-now-arch-rival neighbouring countries have been meeting up and talking about developing a rather friendly relationship to ease the tension. So much that the little missile nation has decided to make the upcoming Winter Olympics season in South Korea to be a bridge that could bridge the disputes between both countries. Earlier, North Korean authorities had conveyed their willingness to participate in the Olympic games – and not there is more.

A 140-member North Korean pop orchestra will stage rare performances in South Korea during the Winter Olympics next month – that is what both Korean countries have agreed upon on Monday. The plan is to lead the DPRK orchestra to South Korea through Panmunjom – that ‘village of peace’ located on Korean borders, remember? Then, they will perform twice in the South: once in Seoul, the South Korean capital, and once in Gangneung, a city on the east coast where some of the Olympic competitions will be held. This performance is expected to cement the foundation for the challenging task of bettering the situation on the Korean peninsula.

About the orchestra – it is named as the Samjiyon Band, one of the North’s top arts troupes and among the 140 members, 80 are orchestra musicians and other 60 members are those who sing and dance. Yes, they do perform arts in North Korea too. No, it is not always about developing, testing and training for nukes in there! However, it must be noted that Samjiyon is an off-beat orchestra that has remained an unofficial tool of promoting Mr Kim’s propaganda. By which, I mean, they use music and art and dances to disseminate the state’s ideology and inspire loyalty to its leadership. However, the hopes are high and in the end – hope sustains life.