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North-South Koreas will hold military talks to defuse border tension

There is a different kind of aura on the Korean peninsula these days as cooperation and peace talks are in the air - maybe it is all the magic of the Winter Olympic Games, or whatever it is, but it sounds good. North Korea and South Korea, two very rivals, have agreed upon holding military talks in order to defuse border tension between both countries.

North Korea has been involved in notorious nuclear activities that has proved to be bothersome for almost all countries across the world - you know how being nuked is not the best thing that can happen to any country. Mr POTUS' statements and Twitter smashes contributed in nothing but aggravating the situation on the Korean peninsula. However, North Korea has been showing willingness to ease off things with South Korea as earlier DPRK had shown interest in participating and cooperating with its South counterpart in upcoming Winter Olympic Games. That was pretty unusual, considering the fact that South Korea has been an American ally and a rival for Mr Kim during the entire nuclear rhetoric.

In recent development, a joint statement was released by both North Korea and South Korea appears to be embracing military talks to reduce border tension between both neighbouring nations. The rarest of the rare talks to improve inter-Korean relations and military status will be held on Tuesday, with many, many peaceful expectations from, well, Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in's offices. This will be first formal discussion and meetup between North Korea and South Korea in two years - a rather historic day. The idea of military talks came out from the high-level inter-Korean meetup that was held on Tuesday at Panmunjom, the place that is known as “peace village”. Panmunjom is the same place at the Korean border where 1953 armistice was signed, ending the Korean War.

The peace village might as well end the tension that is growing each day by Pyongyang's nuclear programs and missile developments. Furthermore, North Korea has even agreed to participate in the Winter Olympics Games held in Pyeongchang, South Korea next month. The tiny nuclear-active country seems to have calmed down at least up to certain extent and will soon be sending a delegation of high-ranking officials, athletes, a cheering squad, a Taekwondo demonstration team, and a number of journalists to the Winter Olympics.

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