The dreadful ransomware attack that had and is still stealing the sleeps of internet world is getting chewed up so time for something new? Well, beware what you wish for because this new malware is much scarier and much more dangerous than WannaCry. They call it ‘EternalRocks’ and it might rock the malware history eternally.

Looks like WannaCry has got itself an eerier and more ghastly successor which uses seven allegedly leaked NSA SMB (National Security Agency’s Server Message Block) hacking tools rather than two used by WannaCry. Yeah that’s right, it is getting worse. The new malware is in form of worm and exploits the same vulnerability in Windows that helped WannaCry spread to computers. At present, EternalRocks does not have any malicious elements so it doesn’t lock or corrupt systems YET; BUT (Yet and but are very, very fatal) it leaves infected system vulnerable to remote commands that could ‘weaponise’ the infection at any time. So it is like the calm before storm.

EternalRocks uses the same NSA tool used by WannaCry called EternalBlue, but that is not it, oh no, this wormy worm uses six other NSA Hacking tools which are prefixed ‘Eternal’ like EternalChampion, EternalRomance, EternalSynergy, DoublePulsar, Architouch and SMBtouch. And what makes EternalRocks even deadlier is the fact that it does not have any weaknesses, none at all, it does not have a kill switch either. EternalBlue also uses a 24-hour activation delay to try to frustrate efforts to study it, and uses some of the same file names as WannaCry in an apparent effort to confuse security efforts.

Although the researcher who found the presence of EternalRocks – Miroslav Stampar, a member of the Coratian Government’s CERT (computer emergency response team), who caught the worm in a SMB honeypot says that the worm has not spread too much yet and hasn’t gone too far. But with such potential, it can spread much faster and furtherer than WannaCry.

You might be wondering; what kind of systems does this new malware attack on? Well, sorry to break the ice but there is not much we know about this worm yet. The guess though, is that since it attacks similar to WannaCry so it might be possible that this worm targets Windows XP, Vista and 7 systems. Although, I make no promise that people using higher version of Windows can sit back and relax!

All you can do is to beware and make sure that you update your Windows, please, seriously I mean it is high time now. Apart from that, install a legit antivirus, DO NOT click or even scroll over suspicious links, avoid downloading softwares from ‘unauthorized’ or ‘unknown’ websites. Please don’t download movies and songs from ‘pirated’ website for few days, I know weekends are boring but do you want to spend a few hundred bucks over a movie ticket or get your system infected by a dreadful malware? Pick your pick! Stay safe because the hackers want to bleed the computers around world. But we ensure you to keep updated over this as soon as possible. Keep your guards up, take care.