After PAN Card, Bank accounts and SIM Cards, the government has announced to mandate linking Aadhaar Card with Driving License to curb multiple-licensing across nation.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India has decided that Aadhaar cards will now also be linked with Driving Licenses to cross-check and stop people from possessing multiple licenses. While announcing this, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that he has already talked about the plan with Union Road and Transportation Minister Nitin Gadkari, and the plan will soon be worked upon. He also said that Aadhaar is secure and it is a digital identity which confirms a citizen’s physical identity with biometrics.

From April, next year, whoever will apply for new driving license or renewal will have to mention their Aadhaar number. It will also become a main proof of identity and address for issuing license card and this will be notified as a new norm, expectedly from next month. This step has been taken to menace multiple and duplicate licenses under one name. It was an important move because as per random test data from National Informatics Centre in 2014, there are some 74 lakh duplicate or fake licenses out of 6 crore license in India! This is almost equal to the total population of Hong Kong, so it must be stopped immediately.

Linking all 1,300 RTOs to the central depository will be taken at the transport development council meeting where apex body will make decisions. The verification of Driving license is necessary, but linking it with biometric information like iris scans and fingerprints could be vulnerable to attacks. If that happens, then every single document linked with the Aadhaar card will get breached and that would be a massive, massive loss of data – let’s hope that never happens. While on the one hand, we still wait for the fate of Aadhaar card until the Supreme Courts makes its hearings whether it infringes the fundamental right to privacy or not. On the other hand, Aadhaar keeps penetrating in our lives further and further each day.