YouTube is growing older and it keeps getting better with new features and the latest addition is the new ‘Breaking News’ section where Alphabet will continue to tailor customised feeds.

For most of us, YouTube is a place to search videos and hop from one to the next and the next and descend deep down the rabbit holes – thanks to those straightforward and spot-on suggestions. The video sharing platform now wants to keep it up with the ‘news-on-the-go’ culture and it will now feature a separate section on its homepage and mobile application – dedicated to breaking news videos from all around the world. So YouTube will not just be about searching random videos but one can also be acknowledged of what is going on with the world.

The new news section will add new stories and videos from a number of sources which will let users get up-to-date information. Although the Breaking News section is not available to everyone and hasn’t been officially launched by Google, but it is certainly spreading out. The section is basically a set of videos related to current breaking news stories and the recent Barcelona attack was one of the hottest topics with 7 videos in the Breaking News section. These videos were horizontally scrollable and were visible to everyone regionally in same order, but this could just be some testing.

It is still unclear if this is a global thing or if it will appear on daily basis, but the feature has also appeared on Android and iOS apps – it could still be temporary. The users are also allowed to get rid of this section by clicking the ‘Not Interested’ option and boom – the news section will be gone for good. This seems to be a good idea since most people now want to view news quickly instead of spending an hour over the same story on televisions. And because most of news publishers are also posting short news videos already, a dedicated news section will make it much easier and accessible for the viewers who want to use YouTube beyond entertainment.