The National People’s Party (NPP) chief Conrad Sangma took oath as the new Chief Minister of Meghalaya today (March 6) in Shillong, after forming an alliance with the BJP, People’s Democratic Front (PDF), he Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP), and the United Democratic Party (UDP).

The results of Meghalaya assembly elections were declared on Saturday and Congress emerged out to be the single largest party, but with marginal difference. However, five parties cobbled up together to form an alliance initiated by the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and led by the National People’s Party (NPP), edging out Congress despite its majority. So the five parties – including the NPP, BJP, PDF, HSPDP and UDP; that is NPP along with BJP and four local political parties decided to ally and form a government against the majority of the Indian National Congress in the state of Meghalaya. The alliance cancelled out governance of Congress in the only state among three north-eastern state that the party had gained vote majority.

The rare alliance was decided immediately after the results were rolled out and a letter of support was submitted from 34 MLAs in the 60-member Assembly including – 19 of the NPP, 6 of the UDP, 4 of the PDF, 2 each of the HSPDP and BJP and an independent MLA. Since the majority in the alliance is held by NPP, the chief of party Conrad Sangma was decided to be the 12th chief minister of Meghalaya. The oath taking ceremony has already completed today morning at Shillong and this embarked the return of regional political parties to power in the north eastern states after over a decade – spearheaded by 40-year-old NPP chief and now the Chief Minister of Meghalaya – Conrad Sangma.

The swearing-in ceremony was attended by BJP national president Amit Shah and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. While any members from the Congress were not present in the ceremony as the party believes that BJP used usurped power through proxies to form the alliance. While BJP, for its part has accused the Congress of practising “politics of fear, confusion, and concoction”. Whatever the views are, the power is in new hands after 10 years of NCP rule, despite majority.