New Delhi: Commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman is confident enough for the visa numbers that won’t be lower for the Indian IT professionals ahead of US’s new visa policy.

She asked the industry not to get panicky.

“No need to get panicky on the visa front. The lottery process is something I suppose they (the US) wanted to do a correction on. The numbers are not something they are changing… the numbers will not come down,” Sitharaman said.

Over the past few months, IT Pros from around the world is worried about the future with the USA as it is raising the bar for foreign workers and extending the opportunities for local people.

President Donald Trump has earlier stated that he desires to stop illegal immigration into the US and called for a merit-based immigration system which could reward high-tech professionals from countries like India.

As little as 17% of total visa ratio favours Indian companies and other American firms take benefits from Indian firms, Sitharaman noted.

“No need of getting panicky… because the number of H-1B visas that we have got, we will continue to get that,” she promised.

India is the key player when it comes to top quality IT professionals, considering the India CEOs, American companies can compete with better gears globally.

With the inputs of PTI.