The former US President Barack Obama has arrived at India to attend the HT Leadership Summit in Delhi and he said that India must nurture and cherish its diversity and that a country like India shouldn’t be divided by sectarian lines.

Talking at the HT Leadership Summit about the similarities between India and the US, Barack Obama explained about how India and US both are defined by diversity. Further, he said that diversity is something that should be cherished and nurtured and a rapidly developing country like India should not be divided by sectarian lines. Obama also emphasised how the Indian society needed to cherish that minorities in the country identify themselves as Indians which is not common for minorities in many other countries. Obama also said this, “People see the differences between each other much too vividly and miss the commonalities. Commonalities are always based on gender and we need to focus on that”.

After the HT summit, Obama is visiting India for a town hall hosted by the Obama Foundation, the foundation that he and his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama run. When asked about what Modi responded to over his message on religious tolerance, Obama replied upfront saying that his goal was not to disclose private conversations. But he did say that the majority community and the government should cherish the minorities and diversity of India, who are a vital part of the nation. Obama said that minority communities in India is successful, integrated and considers itself as Indian – which is not the case in some other countries – so they must be nurtured and cherished.

Apart from that, Obama also talked about climate change, technological advancement and interestingly cooking! Yep, Obama must be the first American president who knows how to cook Indian dal, keema, chicken and even tried to make chapatti but found it too tough. Obama’s talks about diversity in India shows two different viewpoints for India from two different American vantage points (read Trump and Obama).