Odisha tourism department have decided to boost up tourism by attracting tourists to the tribal hinterland and will soon be investing Rs 2.50 Crore to develop the Rathibali waterfall and also create a food park along National Highway NH-26 in Koraput district.

Waterfalls have some serenity-studded characteristics that seems pretty rejuvenating and exhilarating all by itself. The mesmerizing murmur of flowing water surrounded by wild yet placid flora and fauna would probably be anyone’s dream holiday destination but there are a lot of waterfalls which are still almost undiscovered in the ‘tourism world’. Rathibali waterfall is one such place in Odisha situated around 60 km from the district headquarters town of Koraput, the fascinating waterfall was surveyed by the tourism department in January this year.

The unique feature of the waterfall is that the water flows in several steps in a single rock and a visitor can climb to the top of the rock to have a closer look at the fall. It was decided by the Odisha Tourism Department to spend Rs 2.50 Crore in developing the unsung waterfall of Rathibali. A watch tower, pathway, drinking water facilities and a toilet complex will be constructed at the waterfall for tourists. The tourism department will also be constructing food court-cum-public convenience centre at Pottangi, the gateway to Koraput district, bordering Andhra Pradesh. Apart from a restaurant, the food park will be equipped with public parking place and a toilet complex. The food park will also contain items of tourist interest and a visitor can collect tourism related information about Koraput from the food park.

The food park will be a good stopover for tourists as well as locals and people entering Odisha from Andhra Pradesh. Apart from providing basic infrastructure to tourists, the food park will provide employment and economical strengthening to the tribal areas. Tribal people will also be allowed to put up stops in the vicinity of the food park. A double whammy! Tourism in India has flung over past few years and with state-wise promotion, tourists from India and across the world are acknowledged about the ‘un-discovered’ destinations in India. Hope the new food park and the Rathibali waterfall will make your next vacation groovier.