Google’s love for predicting what users might want is not unknown – from Google Search suggestions to YouTube video feed, Google News suggestions and much more. Taking prediction game to a whole new level, Google has introduced offline web surfing on Chrome browser which will let user access automatically downloaded web pages on Android devices, without internet.

“A smartphone without internet is like food without salt”, said some great man (or not), but it is true, unless, we can surf on the web without internet. As dreamy as this might sound, Google is turning it into reality with the launch of a new feature that will allow Android users to access web without a constant internet connection. The idea is, when a device is connected to free, unmetered WiFi, the browser will automatically download relevant articles and web pages on device. These pre-downloads will be based on – wait for it – good, old prediction.

Google will decide what pages to download for every individual based on what content is most popular in the respective region, and if you have signed in an account, the auto-downloads will be based on your browsing history. All the pre-downloaded internet content will be available alongside manual downloads and can be accessed anytime – without internet connection. The new feature is available on new updated version of Google Chrome browser, however, the first launch will only be available in 100 countries – that includes India.

With the launch of such features, Google is expanding the accessibility of its services as their goal is to “make the web work well for everyone, everywhere.” Besides making web date available offline, the feature will also aid in overcoming lags caused by faulty internet connections. To check whether the update is available in your region or not, you can visit Google Play Store and look up for updates of Chrome browser. Get the new Chrome and don’t let unavailability of internet stop you from accessing your favourite online information – be it latest news or that football match score; unless you use an iPhone.