The International Olympics Committee has awarded the final bid to host the Olympics 2024 games to Paris – the French capital which has been waiting for this since 25 years! And in an unusual move, the Committee also announced second season’s host – Los Angeles in 2028.

Paris, the city of love and the stunning capital of France is one of the most popular holiday destinations, but it has had hard time in getting a chance to host the epidemic Olympic games. Thousands of Parisians were cloaked at City Hall, staring up at the big screen – waiting for the announcement to be aired live. And the host of 2012 Summer Olympics Games is – London! There were screams, gasps and even some tears! That was 2005, and Paris has lost last three bids, but finally – after 25 years, Paris is now the chosen one for Olympics 2024.

The 2024 games will mark the third time Paris will host Olympics and is will also be exactly a 100 years since the city last hosted the Games! Joy spread across the city after announcement of their award as host of Olympics and giant Olympic rings were displayed in front of Eiffel Tower just after the news came in. Hamburg, Rome, Budapest and Boston – all fell off when it came to hosting the multi-billion-dollar worth stage of the prestigious Olympic Games – leaving just LA and Paris as choices for the 2024 Games. So the IOC made a wise choice by securing both high-quality bids for next two summer games; and hence Paris was awarded Olympics 2024 while Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympics 2028.

2028 Games will be United States’ first hosting after the chaotic 1996 Games in Atlanta and it will also mark as third time for LA which has hosted successful editions in 1932 and 1984. So both cities are experienced with hosting the games, and they have long time before the epic event to boost their infrastructure for the mega show. While we still wait for 2020 Olympics at Tokyo, the next two cities will already start their prep because after all hosting the Olympics is no piece of pie.