Every year, May 1 is celebrated in many countries to pay a tribute and signify the importance of countless labourers and workers who play a huge role in the progress of any society. Labourers are the backbone of every country and nobody can deny their worth and importance especially in industrial and agricultural fields. PM Narendra Modi, on this event, applauded and saluted the determination of Indian workers.

The May Day marks the victory of workers’ movement for eight hours of tiresome work and a tribute to the workers’ sacrifices while achieving social and economic rights all over the world. And on this day various rallies, seminars and symposiums will be held for the welfare of the hardworking community and ensure that they are being paid fairly.

PM Modi extended greetings on Labour Day and saluted the determination and contribution of the countless workers who play an unignorably huge role in the country’s progress. Modi posted a Tweet in morning with greetings.

Apart from the PM, Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya will chair International Labour Day function in New Delhi today. Several Trade Union Organisations are observing the Day with the commitment of welfare of the Labourers. Rallies, symposiums, seminars have been organised in different parts of the country to celebrate the Day.

The Labour Day is dedicated to all the people who have contributed in development of the states and country and the welfare and empowerment will be discussed and given priority today. Because they work without taking off days and there would be no food at their homes and we as citizens should try to put our efforts in making sure that the people who work their sweat and blood out for our society, at least gets fair treatment.