Bankura: Once known as ‘City of Maoist’ is now upgraded to ‘City of Mandarin’. The variety of Alphonso mango found in Nagpur’s global map is the world famous and are imported by many states of India including neighbours Gujarat, Punjab, etc.

A small piece from Maharashtra has been totally transformed where Maoist once existed and ruled with anti-national activity. In meantime, Kishenji, a member of the Politburo and central military commission of the banned CPI (Maoist).

After getting cleared from CPI, the productivity started in Bankura district in no time when civil society and the local government came together to plan productive agricultural region.

‘Mission Bankura’ was initiated under NREGA and agricultural experts trained locals to cultivate cash crops like Mango, grapes and oranges.

According to the MLA Shampa Daripa, the land of Bankura was less fertile than expected and it needs to be re-yielded. To make Bankura, a remarkable place which no one dreamt of ever, local government and people of Bankura took major steps and transformed themselves in their motherland.

A livelihood of tribal people residing here is quite balanced and at certain extent, they are exporting mangoes to even foreign countries. This society is full engaged to cultivate more and more fruits with many varieties in mangoes and oranges.

The district also grows ambrapali and mallika mangoes. Of the profits from the fruit trade 60% goes to the SHG, 30% to the landowner and the remaining to the Gram Panchayat.

The district has been mapped as the “connecting link between the plains of Bengal on the east and Chota Nagpur plateau on the west.”