Anyone with even the slightest concern regarding environment conservation will know that when it comes to the “worst products to buy” plastic bottles are at the top of the list. The masterminds at Skipping Rocks Lab have come up with the “Ooho”, which is an edible water bottle or rather a blob of water which is edible! The gelatinous sphere is made from biodegradable brown algae and Ooho looks like a water bubble which will actually make you go “Ooho!”.

Environmentalists disgrace using plastic packaged drinking water bottles, thanks to its one-time use or use-and-throw purpose and the amount of plastic waste it creates. Millions over millions of plastic bottles are trashed each day throughout the world and the recycling percentage is pretty low which leaves us with environmental footprint of product made from oil and is completely NOT biodegradable. To combat the plastic footprint problem, the London-based company called Skipping Rocks Lab has developed a water ball which is completely edible, biodegradable, natural and can be fully swallowed and digested.

Ooho sphere is made of extracts of brown seaweed and calcium chloride and is completely tasteless. This packaging is based on culinary technique called ‘spherification’ which is used to make fake caviar and the tiny juice balls added to boba tea. The membrane is made from food ingredients and hence can be safely consumed. People can either eat the neat little water filled bubble or take a bite and suck down the water and then dispose the casing.

The company is targeting outdoor events like festivals, marathons and basically any place where a lot of people are consuming packaged water over a very short time. Although it is still just presuming that people will embrace the idea of drinking water from a squishy, jellyfish-like blob filled with water.

According to Skipping Rock, Ooho is not only biodegradable, edible and environment friendly but is also much cheaper and faster to produce as compared to the conventional water bottles. Ooho seems to be a complete game changer and if accepted, it will very successfully replace water bottles and will solve the thorny problem of plastic on our planet. Watch the Ooho video here.

Ooho to me seems pretty cool and would like to gobble it away because isn’t the cute little neatly transparent squishy jell-o-like blob of water too tempting not to eat, or drink, or drink-eat: DREAT! So are you ready to dreat the Ooho treat?