After over a week of innocent Kashmiris living outside the state being targeted with the brunt of public outrage over the Pulwama attack across India, PM Modi finally spoke up and said “Our fight is for Kashmir, not against Kashmiris”.

Since the horrendous Pulwama suicidal attack on an army convoy that killed 40 CRPF personnel on February 14, India had sunken in grief and shock. Within 24 hours of attack, the grief turned into brunt outrage at a number of places across the country, breaking out violence against Kashmiris living in other states. From Dehradun to Bangalore, several Kashmiri students and businessmen were socially boycotted, harassed, beaten up and asked to leave by angry mobs.

In the wake of violence that broke out, CRPF and Jammu Kashmir police had opened up a live helpline to aid any troubled Kashmiri living outside the state. However, the violence continued and hundreds of students were reported to have returned to their home state to escape any persecution. After over a week since the attack, the outrage continued prompting the Supreme Court to order 10 states to take “prompt actions” to stop occurrence of any such incident.

After about 9 days since the incidents of violence and social boycott against Kashmiris kept coming into light, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday warned against the targeting of Kashmiris in the wake of the terror attack – during a rally in Rajasthan. This is the first time since the attack that PM Modi had addressed to the problem saying, “Our fight is for Kashmir, not against Kashmiris… They have suffered the most due to terrorism, and the rest of the country must stand in their support”.