On Sunday’s women’s singles title finale at the Dubai World Superseries 2017, Indian shuttler P V Sindhu pushed herself against Japanese Akane Yamaguchi; but after a 110-minute badminton battle, Sindhu had to settle for the silver medal. Despite this minor setback it has been a phenomenal year for Sindhu on international level.

The 22-year-old Hyderabadi may have lost the finale at Dubai World Superseries 2017 on Sunday, but she has been involved in some of the most intense matches of the year, including the epic Worlds final against Nozomi Okuhara that lasted 110 minutes. She has lifted two Superseries titles (India Open, Korea Open), and reached the finals of six big tournaments (Superseries, Grand Prix Gold and Worlds included) in last 18 months, and it is no short of an  hour and has shown enough mental strength to pull out victories even against the top players.

At the finale on Sunday too, Sindhu had pushed her long, lean body even beyond its limits, in much the same manner as she had done in August this year in the World Championships final against Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara. She chased down every shuttle till the end despite being out of breath during rallies. Much like the Worlds final, she came agonisingly close to pocketing the Superseries Finals trophy, only to fall short at the last possible hurdle.  Yet, she had to content herself with a silver against Yamaguchi, because tiring out the opponents is how Yamaguchi nails her victories.

Now she may have lost the tournament because of lack of stamina, compared to Yamaguchi, but the way she landed those accurate shots on the line was impressive. Probably a break for off-season training to work on overall body mass to support the long torso could help in sorting the problem. But with upcoming matches in January, Sindhu would have to make do with whatever time she will have at hand to tackle the problem.