While the validity of Imran Khan’s electoral victory is withheld by the Poll Panel, it is to see whether Islamabad keeps up with its promise to free 30 Indian fishermen imprisoned in Pakistan that was to occur the eve of Imran Khan’s oath taking ceremony.

Earlier, Imran Khan’s oath taking ceremony has now be postponed on August 14, Pakistan’s independence day and Pakistan has promised to free 30 Indian prisoners, most of whom are fisherman, on August 13 at the Wagah/Attari border. The release of Indian citizens detained in Pakistan is symbolic to the country extending a hand for peace with India. Imran Khan had planned the release to testify his stand on statement he made earlier that they will move two steps ahead on India’s one to normalize relations between the two nations and maintain border peace.

Earlier, India released 11 Pakistanis from prison after a ‘trade of greetings’ between Modi and his then counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Astana during the SCO summit. In 2014, before his arrival to India for Modi’s swearing-in ceremony, Nawaz Sharif had freed 151 Indian fishermen from the country’s prison. Since history repeats, the release of 30 Indian fishermen detained in the neighbouring nation, is likely to happen – however, Pakistan’s Poll Panel has withheld the victory notifications of Imran Khan from two of the five constituencies from where he contested in the 2018 General Election of Pakistan.

Although Khan’s victory for other three constituencies has been issued, the validity of his final victory will depend on  the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan or ECP over the pending case of violation of the election code of conduct. This might possibly jeopardize Imran Khan’s plans to be sworn-in as the new prime minister on August 14 and henceforth, probably even postpone the release of Indian fishermen.