The case of abduction, rape and murder of 7-year-old Pakistani girl Zainab Ansari’s culprit has been caught and arrested after 14 days of extensive search from the government and civilians, finally giving justice to the little girl.

The Chief Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab Shahbaz Sharif announced that 7-year-old Zainab Ansari’s killer has been arrested and the 24-year-old accused named Mohammad Imran has also confessed to all his crimes. The girl was abducted on January 4th, from near her home when she was returning from her religious classes in a Pakistani city named Kasur. The girl was found four days later, dumped in a heap of trash – dead, with signs of being sodomised, abused and then strangled to death while her parents were in Saudi Arabia for umrah. The agony of this incident had rose major protests and stir across Pakistan, calling for justice for the little girl.

After 14 days of extensive search and relentless efforts from the authorities, intelligence agencies, labs and civilians – the state-of-the-art Punjab Forensic Lab found a 100% DNA match for the swabs taken from Zainab’s body. The accused was living in the neighbourhood and had lured the girl by tell her that he is taking her to meet her parents. Finally, justice will be granted by the lawmakers of Pakistan. The accused will now be taken to the court and the judges will decide the level of punishment for the ‘monster’.

Now, the street where Zainab lived has been adorned with decorations, colourful and shiny bunting stretched through the street in remembrance of loss of an innocent child. Banners with Zainab’s face carrying slogans, both sad and uplifting can be seen all over Kasur. “No more inhumanity in this city, monsters will be crushed,” and “Children are our flowers” were seen and the victim’s father said that he is satisfied with the authority for their extensive search and now expects a justified hearing from the court of justice for Zainab.