Twelve Indian fishermen were on board an India ship ST Mars, deep sea fishing in the Arabian Sea when they faced certain engine faults and were stranded in the ocean for eight days. Upon finding about the incident, Pakistani Navy played Good Samaritan and helped the stranded Indian fishermen with medical supplies and food for eight days.

Fishermen in the Indian Ocean tend to reach on close-border areas of India and Pakistan, and are often captured by both nations’ armies for crossing international borders without permission. However, in a recent incident, the Pakistani Navy came out with a helping hand for 12 Indian fishermen who were stranded in the sea. A group of 12 fishermen from India went ahead for deep sea fishing when their boat – ST Mars, faced engine faults in middle of the sea. Due to this technical fault, the Indian fishermen were left stranded in the sea for eight days with food and basic supplies almost running out.

As per reports, the fishermen had tried to appeal repeatedly to Indian boats, seeking for help and rescue, but had no response. However, Pakistani Navy was acknowledged about the incident and they immediately rushed a naval vessel PNS Alamgir to help out the fishermen. A medical team was provided to the stranded crew along with food, water and medical aid on the Pakistani naval vessel. Besides this, the technical team of crew on PNS Alamgir also helped in fixing the engine faults on Indian fishermen’s vessel. The news about this was confirmed by Pakistani Navy authorities on Sunday and helped the stranded Indian boat in returning back to home safely.

Talking about this, a Pakistani Naval officer noted their armed forces are always on forefronts when it comes to relief and rescue operations in the sea, regardless of the nationality of victims. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Army also handed over Dalwandar Singh, 23 – an Indian national who had mistakenly crossed the border, to the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) at the Wagah Border. The Pak naval officer expressed that these gestures of goodwill from the Pakistani armed forces shows that the country wants peace in the region.