With the support of 75 countries at the Interpol General Assembly at Beijing – Palestine and the Solomon Island will now finally join the Interpol as a full member. This was welcomed by Palestinians as a ‘victory’ after consistent tried from Israel to block Palestine from Interpol.

At Beijing General Assembly of Interpol – the international police organisation, 75 countries voted in favour, 34 abstained and 24 opposed the decision of adding Palestine as a member. With the majority, Palestine will now become a member of Interpol, which will benefit Palestinian police up to great extent. The police force will now be able to access data from other police agencies across the world about criminal activities and will be able to issue red notices too. This is what Israel was nervous about and had been trying to stop since years.

Strongly and openly opposing Palestine’s membership in Interpol, because they say that Palestine is not an independent state and had previously blocked its attempts for Interpol membership. Israel also fears that Palestine might use red notices against Israeli government, but with a majority, Palestine had little to worry about Israel’s bumph. Also, the point that Palestine might misuse the power of red notices was invalidated because Interpol’s constitution forbids use of red notices for political purposes. The organisation carefully vets red notice requests and after strongly documented evidences, the notices are passed.

Also the fact that Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Yemen, Syria, Iran – they all are Interpol members, which aren’t necessarily Israel’s ‘friends’, so why is Israel so possessed about Palestine’s membership. Maybe because the idea of Interpol is sharing data, and Israel may not want to share ‘common data’ with Palestine for self-centric reasons. Electing Palestine as a member proves the essence of Interpol – that it is an organisation to connect policing forces from around the world, preventing and fighting crime through enhanced cooperation and innovation on police and security matters. So why so against Palestine?