The unsung hidden para-badminton player of India – Sukant Kadam won the singles and doubles bronze medals at Spanish Para-Badminton International 2017. The 24-year-old athlete is a trainee at a badminton academy and is immensely talented in badminton.

Now you might as, who is Sukant Kadam? Well, he’s just one of those unsung athletes, a Paralympic badminton player of India who has been earning India awards since and medals since long and was ranked 14th in world in his category till 2016. Yeah let me repeat, ranked 14th in world, and we have never heard of him before. Sukant is a 24-year-old para shuttler, trainee at the badminton academy run by former national singles badminton champion Nikhil Kanetkar in Pune and handicapped with disability in the left leg.

The unseeded player was demoted from 14th rank in world to 20th last year just because he didn’t have enough fund to keep playing enough tournaments to hold on his rank. Can you imagine that, it’s such a loss! But not this year, the determined athlete fends for himself to play at Spanish International and bagged two bronze medals. Sukant won the singles and doubles in the ‘SL 4’ class.

Success in Spain is the third time Sukant has won in internationals after a bronze at the Ireland Para Badminton International 2016 and thereafter a doubles bronze in the Asian Championship in China held in November 2016. The player aims to get ranked in top 5 this year. Way to go Sukant, we wish you good luck towards a medal-ious future.