Indian Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra has headed to Australia for 13 days – for some fun and more work as she is now the first Indian female brand ambassador under the “Friend of Australia” (FOA) advocacy panel by the Australian Tourism Board.

Adventure junkie and foodie Indian actress, Parineeti Chopra is now the first Indian female to become an ambassador of the Australia Tourism Board. Appointed as the “Friend of Australia”, Parineeti will be promoting travelling to Australia among Indian travellers. Talking about this new gig, Parineeti says that she finds Australia a perfect holiday destination, and she finds it effortless to promote it among Indian travellers. So far, the B-town actress has travelled to Queensland, Northern Territory, Victoria and New South Wales in Australia and is bullish about her experience as a traveller in such a beautiful island nation.

During her 13-day long ongoing trip in Australia, Parineeti will explore the island continent by enjoying visits to some of the finest places like Ballarat Wildlife Park, Phillip Island and its nature park, and chocolatier and ice cream factory at Yarra Valley. She will also take a trip to the famous Bondi beach and the Sydney harbour bridge and try out thrilling adventure rides like diving which she is extremely passionate about. The trip to Australia will be filled with fun and adventure – but she will also focus on working at the same time with a series of photo-shoots and appearances.

Parineeti said, “Australia’s food and wine, nature, unique wildlife, aquatic experiences are a perfect combination of an ideal holiday destination. I look forward to inspiring more Indian travellers to visit.” As the member of ‘Friend of Australia’ panel, the Bollywood actress will be promoting Indians to travel to Australia. Parineeti is also busy with the shootings of upcoming movies – ‘Namaste England’ also starring Arjun Kapoor and the big ticket Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Kesari’.

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