NASA astronaut and the most experienced spacewoman who has stayed a total of 655 days in space has just returned to Earth on Sunday after her second 288-days long space trip at the International Space Station.

Have you ever dreamt about travelling into space for once, one day in space would do too? (I have, it would be indescribable) While most of us just dream and that’s all of space bit we get, but for some the space trips are almost as long as two adventurous years, no joke! Peggy Whitson has lived two years of her life in space – summing up her two space mission duration. It is so cool, right?

Wrapped in a space-flight of the Soyuz space capsule, the 57-year-old American astronaut – Peggy Whitson landed on Earth on Sunday morning at Kazakhstan after completing her 288-day and 4623-Earth-orbits long space mission on ISS. With a total of 665 days in space, Peggy Whitson has now become the most experienced spacewomen and has exceed the limit of space stay of any American female astronaut. Whitson has controlled the $100 billion space station twice and apart from longest stay in space, she has scored few other records like – world’s oldest spacewoman and most experienced female space-walker, with 10 spacewalks and the first woman to command the space station.

Whitson was actually supposed to return in June but she jumped into the opportunity to stay three more months when an extra seat on Soyuz which would return in September, opened up. Being an astronaut and traveling in space is probably one of the coolest jobs – minus the excretion facilities up there, in space. Even Whitson said that she was eager to return to flushable toilets, we can only imagine what it would be like. But it must be an outstanding experience in general, anyway. If you didn’t know, Whitson studied about cancerous lung tissues and bone cells in the space in her third mission to space, as well as controlled the ISS for 9 months during her stay – that is some important work, of course; and that is why it is the most gratifying job anyone can ever have.