The headquarter of United States Department of Defence – Pentagon will celebrate the Muslim holy month by hosting an iftar dinner to honour thousands of American Muslims who have served and contributed the US Armed Forces over years.

The United States houses have been hosting iftar dinners since Clinton era when that-time First Lady Hillary Clinton hosted dinner party at the White House back in 1996. Iftar is basically the meal Muslims consume after their daylong fast. The American defence hub – Pentagon has also been hosting iftar dinner since 18 years now. But the seems like Trump administration will break the tradition and take a break from hosting iftar dinner at White House since there has been no confirmation or announcement regarding any such plans.

But the defence house confirmed to The Intercept that it will follow the tradition and will host the dinner in mid-June. Dozens of uniformed military personnel, members of the Department of Defense’s Muslim community and their families will gather to break their Ramadan fast at the Pentagon. Thousands of American Muslims contribute to the armed forces of the United States of America and the Pentagon puts in all the efforts to let them serve the country in coherence with their beliefs. Earlier, the US Army had also issued a directive on grooming and appearance regulations which allowed Sikh men and Muslim women who serve in the armed forces to wear religious head coverings.

The US Army has loosened its policies to makes sure that the soldiers can serve the country along with being consistent about their faith so that they can recruit from the broadest pool of America’s best. And they are respecting the beliefs by honouring the most important Islamic month. Pentagon has been very prodigal to everyone who served the nation.