A Perth blockchain group named DigitalX Ltd has launched a new investment funding service for cryptocurrency targeting mainstream investors and have started up websites devoted to delivering educational content and news about digital assets and cryptocurrency.

In just a couple of years, cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon about which most people are aware and it is the most appealing and dynamic piece of cake in terms of investment. Yet, the idea of digital cash flow and cryptocurrency is still under-searched by mainstream investors and has often been under the radar of regular trading transactions. Looking at this market gap, a Perth-based blockchain named DigitalX Ltd has developed DigitalX Investments which will target mainstream asset managers with funds using crypto assets and provide special investment opportunities to traders – like initial coin offerings (ICOs).

To start the new Perth blockchain based cryptocurrency investment fund, DigitalX Company kicked in $750,000 from its Bitcoin and Ethereum coffers. Of this crypto-investment funds, 73% states stakes will be held by DigitalX and Boutique Capital Pty Ltd will license and administer the fund as an authorised representative of Grange Capital Partners Limited. The one issue with cryptocurrency is that they are prone to extreme fluctuations in its value and its concerns over their legality in different nations – which needed to be take care of in investment sector.

So to take care of this and protect clients from risks related to cryptocurrency, DigitalX investment funds has set a standard provision that no individual client can invest more than 20% of the fund assets except into Bitcoin or cash, at the time of investment. Targeting a major market in Australia as Perth has proved to be a thriving market, home to many cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused businesses – DigitalX has developed websites which spread the word about cryptocurrency funding investments.